Stay safe. Get creative. Support artists.

by Adrian Mitchell, Art Director

Artists around the world are inspiring and entertaining us from the safety of their own homes during this challenging time, and they need support now more than ever.

Our friends at SOLT (Society of London Theatre) and UK Theatre have compiled an extensive list of resources for the performing arts community at TheatreSupport.info. Whether you’re a creative professional in need of assistance or just looking for ways to help out, we encourage you to take a moment to explore.

Our Homework

Like so many, the Dewynters team continue to get creative from home. Enjoy this gallery of our original work – perhaps it will encourage the artist in you!

Matt Crockett: Photographer
Jean Moorhouse: Mum of Rich Moorhouse, Senior Designer
Diane Hill: Senior Motion Graphics Designer
Michael Marsden: Designer
Simon Webb: Head of Motion Graphics
Robert McKenzie: Deputy Head of Creative Services
Amanda Young: Senior Designer
Adrian Mitchell: Art Director
Amanda Young: Senior Designer
Rich Moorhouse: Senior Designer
Russ Penn: Senior Designer
Richard McDermott: Art Director
Evie, 4: Daughter of Elizabeth Hayward, Digital Trading and Communications Manager
Adrian Mitchell: Art Director
Michael Marsden: Designer
Robert McKenzie: Deputy Head of Creative Services
Carly Green: Touring Account Manager
Jimmy McNicholas: Copy Director
Neil Bartle: Senior Digital Designer
Emily & Jazmin: Daughters of Tom Roberts, Head of Digital Studio
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125 Strand
London WC2R 0AP
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